Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School, aligned with PPPK Petra theme for the academic year 2023/2024 “Striving for a Brighter Future”, offering the next level of 21st century holistic education for future generations. We provide a series of learning processes that is fun, project-based, focused on personalized learning and raising current issues so that our students are also equipped with 5C, which stands for Character, Collaboration, Creative, Communication, Critical Thinking with problem solving skills in order to prepare them to deal with future challenges and contribute in the society. Beyond our focus on academic excellence, we are Inside this 9-floor building, hand in hand with parents, we are preparing future leaders with global and professional perspectives.

Our excellent points are Elective Classes, International Exposure, Digital Literacy and Holistic Education. Through the elective classes program, we unleash students’ hidden talents and passions. By learning cultural diversity & international standard language learning program, students become ready to face global challenges. Moreover, we utilize digital platforms and advance technology in the learning process to enhance the students’ digital literacy. Finally, we provide a balanced development across the moral, cognitive, social-emotional, and physical domains through our holistic education program.

All of the innovations that we bring are in order to give the best-personalized education experience for students. We believe that passion plays an important role in elevating learning enthusiasm. As the learning process is driven by students’ passion, they will naturally do their best while learning. Thus, let’s provide the opportunity to flourish our children’s potential with Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School!