Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School is on the new frontier of PPPK Petra, one of leading Christian educational Institutions in East Java. Beyond our focus on academic excellence, we are offering the next level of 21st century holistic education for the society 5.0 future generations to come. Inside this 9-floor building, hand in hand with parents, we are preparing future leaders with global and professional perspectives.

While adapting to the new normal situation, Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School, aligning with PPPK Petra theme for the academic year 2022/2023 “Dare to Change together with Petra”, provides some innovation in the system and curriculum. This year, to enhance the development of students’ talent and passion, we offer seventeen elective classes and twelve life skill courses. Among those elective classes, we deliver some subjects that are not available in the other schools and specially tailored in Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School. They are Finance and Entrepreneurship, Economics and World History, Math Science, Socio-Culture and Basic Communication. Besides, we integrate the complexity of each subject through Pancasila interdisciplinary collaborative project. Parents and the public can see the results of students’ learning process every three months, in the form of vlogs, presentations and performances. Not only in academics, but we also have some breakthroughs in our school system; one of them is a project report for parents.

Finally, all of the innovations are designed in order to give the best-personalized education experience for students. We believe that passion plays an important role in elevating learning enthusiasm. As the learning process is driven by students’ passion, they will naturally do their best while learning. Thus, let’s provide the opportunity to flourish our children’s potential with Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School!