402, 2022

Passion-Based Learning in Petra Acitya

Passion-Based Learning (PBL) is a fresh concept of learning in answering global needs and the charters of Gen-Z students. PBL is a learning process when the teacher caters to the students’ passions. By accommodating students’ interests, they will become more engaged in learning and the classroom will come to life (Barirani, Marsh, & Olson, 2014). Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School implements Passion-Based Learning in the design of the curriculum. We introduce not only all the learning subjects to the 7th-grade students but also the concept of passion. After experiencing most of the learning subjects, we facilitate the students

2201, 2022

Anti Corruption Day

Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School celebrated Christmas with a  Parade of Fun Learning from December 2 until the 16th, 2021. There was Scout Day, Healthy Day, Character Building Day, An Anti-Corruption Inspiring Talk, Language Day, Acitya's Got Talent, and the Elective Classes Showcase. Through all the events, Petra Acitya wanted the students to be courageous in developing their passion and talents, just like the theme of the event, “Be Courageous to Light Up.” One of the most interesting events from the Fun Learning Parade was the Inspiring Talk. On December 7th, 2021, Petra Acitya invited Ms. Nisa Rizkiah

2511, 2021

Petra Acitya at Youth Mission Conference 2021

Petra Acitya was delighted to join the International Youth Mission Conference 2021. It is an annual event, held by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Indonesia. This year, the theme was Mission in Your Interest Area. Students and Mentors were able to choose one learning topic during the conference. Four students from Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School joined this conference. Jason Aldrich, the student council chairman, and Kenzo Davidson, the vice-leader of student ministry, joined the Language class, which was delivered by Benson K. Kamary (Faculty & Executive Assistant, Office of the President Evangelia University US). Clara

1810, 2021

Get Ready for Hybrid Learning!

Covid-19 infections are decreasing in Indonesia since August 2021, but it is not over yet. The Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture has allowed for in-person learning in schools with strict health protocols. Only teachers and students 12 years of age and over who are healthy and have been vaccinated can attend the offline learning in school. Offline learning is not mandatory. Parents can still choose online learning for health considerations. Thus, Petra Acitya has done some preparation for the hybrid learning (online-offline learning). One of the preparations that Petra Acitya has done is vaccination. All Petra Acitya teachers,

1410, 2021

Acitya C-Fest 2021: Travel Around the World

October is a special month for Acityans. There are many events in that month, one of them is Acitya Cultural Fest or C-Fest. It is an event where Petra Acitya JHS students learn about international cultures and enjoy their friends’ virtual performing arts. In Acitya C-Fest 2021, Acityans were going on an adventure with Christo, a grade 8 student of Petra Acitya. They were traveling virtually to several countries in the world. Their destinations were China, Canada, South Korea, and Indonesia. This journey took 4 days which started on October 11 in China. Then, they continued their journey to

609, 2021


Petra Acitya’s Indonesian Independence Day celebration this year was special. The big family of Petra Acitya, starting with teachers, staff, students and also parents, all joined in this online event. All the participants wore red and white attire. A special Zoom virtual background was designed by the Student Council. The event, which was held on Monday, August 16, was started with a fellowship. Petra Acitya's big family united their hearts in prayer. They prayed for Indonesia’s front liners during this pandemic era and the health care team. The representatives of parents and students also prayed for Petra Acitya and

609, 2021


Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School proudly presented its first virtual open day on June 4 and 7, named Acitya Quest Fest. Through this event, Petra Acitya invited all elementary schools’ students and teachers to find joyfulness in learning with Acityans. In Acitya Quest Fest, the virtual open day, online competitions and webinar for elementary school teachers ran really well as the 200 participants’ enthusiasm sparked throughout the events. On the first day, participants had an online meet up with Dra Herwati, M.Psi., the principal, and Eva Zahora, S.Si., M.M., the vice principal of curriculum. After joining a virtual


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