803, 2023

What’s Up in February?

February is a month full of surprises. Many competitions and events happened which made the students learn to be gritty to achieve their goals. Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School always supports the students by accommodating their talent development activities, like providing training for competitions and extra classes after school. By having a learning community, students are motivated to develop their talents and strive for achievements. Therefore, competition is not an obstacle for Acityans, but it is an excitement here. The competitions which Acityans joined were various, not only in the academic field but also in the non-academic field,

302, 2023

Accounting: Prominent Future Profession

Every Friday is another new day for learning for Acityans. We learn from professionals about real-life matters through Inspirational Talk. We also learn to humble ourselves by hearing God’s words through the Students’ Fellowship. At the beginning of February, Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School gratefully welcomed R. Arja Angka A.A.A.Sadjiarto,S.E.,M.Ak.,Ak., as a chief speaker in Inspiring Talk. As a lecturer of the Accounting Department at Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School, he shared an overview of the accounting profession. Accounting is not merely about calculating; it is about balancing the value. To broaden the student’s perspective about the

501, 2023

Sidoarjo Sensorium Exhibition (SSE)

Sidoarjo is known as the City of Delta, as it is located between two large pieces of Brantas River and Mas River. It is rich in fisheries and salty products as it is located in the lowlands. Getting to know the richness of this place is important as Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School is located in Sidoarjo Regency. Thus, Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School brought Sidoarjo Sensorium Exhibition (SSE) as the theme for 2022’s Acitya Cultural Festival. Sidoarjo Sensorium Exhibition was held on December 8 and 9 and it was opened to the public. Students in grade

1010, 2022

Acityans, Let’s Boost Your Passion and Potential!

Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School has come up with activities that Acityans look forward to. The hallmark of Petra Acitya is to have an activity called Fun Learning after the Mid- and End-Semester Assessments both in Semester 1 and 2. The Fun Learning activity was held on October 10-12, 2022. It then was followed by the Elective Class Showcase event on October 13, 2022 and the Korea Hangeul Day event on October 14, 2022. All these activities were held at Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School on-site and online via Zoom so students can still participate at home.

709, 2022

Happy Independence Day Indonesia! Merdeka…Merdeka… Merdeka!

Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School has celebrated Independence Day to respect the work of the heroes. The student council arranged some fun activities for students and teachers a day before Independence Day. Moreover, some outstanding students also received certificates of appreciation from the school and Sidoarjo Education and Culture department. There were three sets of activities for celebrating Independence Day in Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School. Those activities were “Grabbing the Flag”, “Scavenger Hunting”, “Cracking the Code”, “Costume Design”, and “TikTok Challenge”. All of the activities were held indoors to keep the safety of the students. Students

209, 2022

Petra Acitya Christian Junior School Offline Bible Camp 2022

At the beginning of September 2022, Petra Acitya Christian Junior School held a Bible Camp. It is a spiritual and character development program from Petra Christian School Board. This event aims for students to be able to resume school routines (face-to-face) with the right spirit and motivation, after two years of online learning. The Bible Camp was held for two days from Thursday, September 1 until Friday, September 2, 2022, from morning until evening. All the 8th-grade students of 158 students joined the hybrid event. Even though there were students who joined online, the committees still tried to provide


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